Thursday, July 24, 2008

Phew!! I've got this far. The only problem with calling my blog "Chinamania"is that I have to talk about my china collection and I don't have enough to talk about for 10 weeks. Maybe I could digress to yummy recipes to put ON my china!


NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

Congratulations on making your blog china.girl.
You don't have to talk about your china for the next 10 weeks though- the blog is mainly to record your thoughts on the Web 2.0 discoveries you will be making.
Of course, recipes are always welcome!

Teddy Bear said...

hi chinamania person. I too love china and semi collect Queen Anne china. I have bought a few cups and saucers from around the country and one which is handpainted is my favourite I think.the others are beautiful however and I do use them and don't hide them away in a cupboard. I don't have sets, just different but matching cups,saucers, plates and jugs.I love having high afternoon teas using my lovely Queen Anne china.

Clipper said...

Hi China girl
It is great to appreciate the fine things in life and lovely china is definitely on my list.
You go for it.

tiffany said...

I too collect teacups and saucers. Just whatever takes my fancy. Its strange though because I dont like tea.